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From the SnoopWall Website: 

SnoopWall, Inc. is the world’s first Breach prevention company with patented intranet intrusion prevention appliances called “NetSHIELD®” deployed in 32 countries and patented mobile security software for BYOD called “MobileSHIELD®” and “WinSHIELD®” with a software developer toolkit used by over 100 financial institutions called “AppSHIELD® SDK”



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7 Secrets of Offensive Security
Information Security (INFOSEC) Best Practices
for Data Protection and Compliance

ETS Networks Inc, is a registered SnoopWall Partner.

SnoopWall is the parent company and it manufactures products like NetSHIELD that are important assets in your company's intranet infastructure.  If you are a business owner or work in a business with technology, you will want to know about SnoopWall and the products that we offer.

In short, Snoopwall and its products protect your network from the inside out.

Use Network Access Control to Secure Your Network

SnoopWall is Recognized as Technology Leader in
Network Access Control (NAC) Market

From the SnoopWall Website Regarding the NetSHIELD product:

Proactive Breach Prevention
Control Physical, Mobile, Virtual & IoT
Take charge of your corporate network(s) with a highly scalable, affordable and simple to manage network access control solution (NAC). Gain control and confident oversight of your trusted LAN(s), manage compliance reporting, audit assets, identify vulnerabilities and defend against malicious insiders, rogue access, zero day malware, phishing attacks and data exfiltration.

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YOUR NETWORK MAY BE AT RISK for a Network Breach...!

Did you know that most attacks happen by accident from the inside of your network..?  Usually by an employee by accident.

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